Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Arrived in South Africa!

After a 10 and a half hour flight to Johannesburg we arrived with a half hour delay. Upon departure in Amsterdam it was discovered that the flight entertainment system was broken, so they decided to delay the flight to get it fixed and make sure the passenger were still smiling after 10 and half hours.

I had booked a lodge near the airport, Aero Lodge, an oase in the jungle of business areas around Johannesburg. It was a freezing night and the small heater they put in my room did not give the heat needed to sleep well, next to the three blankets. I ended up sleeping with two sweaters on under three blankets, which apparently were not made of wool :-).

The breakfast area was lovely with a fire place going to warm up the guests after a cold night. Now off to Durban, which according to the shuttle driver, "is ever hot". Looking forward to it!

Together with Igor (Ukraine) and Ramune (Lithuania) I arrived at Durban this morning. Igor and Ramune had a lengthy flight, fying from their countries to Copenhagen, London, Johannesburg and then Durban. We met Sara from Hong Kong and Robert from Ghana at Durban airport as well. And a surprise passenger from Japan. We all shared the special WASLI shutlle to the WASLI conference hotel.

Jack Callon was there to welcome us at the entrance. A wonderful welcome. Now we can enjoy the view for today and then tomorrow the AGM will start.

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