Friday, 15 July 2011

Germany country report

Germany is not a member of WASLI and the person presenting mentioned prior to the presentation that she is not an official delegate.

In Germany the training of sign language interpreters is done at a university level and there is strong link with the deaf association.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no national body of sign language interpreters in Germany, according to the presenter. The organisation, BGSD, folded due to different expectations of the different regions in Germany. We are now working on a renewed body of sign language interpreters in Germany.

The former association of sign language interpreters in Germany had a mentoring programme which lasted one year. Unfortunately this could not be continued because of the lack of interpreters willing to be a mentor. In addition, the payment system has been approved and we also receive payment now for traveling time for interpreter assignments. The university programme is now also changing to a BA programme. There are currently 10 to 12 deaf interpreters, but we are not sure under which association they should go, under the current interpreter association or if they should set up their own association.

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