Friday, 15 July 2011

Person reference during sign language interpreted conversations - Maria Christina Pires Pereira

The presentation is presented by Maria's colleague. The results are part of a phd study and this is not yet finalised. The focus of the study is personal reference in the more natural form, i.e. conversation.

The study is carried out in two parts. The first part is the theoretical part, which will be presented now. The second part will be videorecordings that will be carried out in the university.

The research is about the first person reference. In the theoretical analysis it is said that while interpreting the interpreter must speak in the first person form. For example: "I will pay that bill" is signed by the deaf person, the interpreter must also voice "I will pay that bill".

The assumption is that in a formal grammatical mention that corresponds to the discourse person itself. The other assumption is that the interpreter must be invisible during the interpretation. The third assumption is that you as an interpreter repeat everything what is being said.

The question is who is the interlocutor in a interlingual interpreted interaction remains neglected in the literature, specially abouth sign languages, this seems to be the major obstacle (...)

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