Saturday, 16 July 2011

Japan country report

The presenter started by thanking the nice emails from across the world for the support during the awful time of the earthquake and the tsunami.

Still 5000 people are missing and 100.000 people are forced to live in refugee centers. Following the earthquake the National Research Association of Sign Language Interpreters (NRASLI) quickly set up a communication point. Sign language interpreters were for the first time interpreting for the messages of the prime minister.

Since 2010 domestic legislation was initiated following the UNCRPD. In the article 3 the Basic Act for Persons with Disabilities now state sign languages.

There are two interpreter associations NRASLI (2010) and JASLI (2009) were officially recognised.

We regularly have medical check ups for the interpreters, where we check neck, shoulders, etc. We also do exercises before the assignment.

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