Saturday, 16 July 2011

Malaysia country report

The presentation is given by a deaf delegate named Dino.

Malaysia had the first experience around 1973 with the YMCA. They decided to work with the deaf community. There 400 - 500 people at that time, now there are less involved in the project.

We have several projects, for example a parenting - infant programme. Also an advocacy project supporting the deaf community. Since 2000 a lot of advocacy work was conducted.

We also had a nice childrens and teenagers club where they can meet and share and learn different things. There is also a parents support programme, because many families do not know what to do when they have a deaf child. So the deaf adults go to the homes and teach them about sign language and deaf persons. This is a very positive experience for the families. We are educating the families and they find this very helpful.

We also promote awareness on the needs and the rights of deaf people and sign language. There is a special day for that. Interpreting services are also provided but there is no payment for interpreters. Before we had six interpreters, but this is getting less. So the interpreters are getting other jobs. Sometimes the interpreters try to serve the community by offering interpreting services in for example the church.

I also teach sign language classes and I have taught many of them.

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