Friday, 15 July 2011

Country report England, Wales, Northern Ireland

The situation in the UK is quite good compared to other countries. We have a registration system, such as having a certain level of education and a criminal check.

The registration system is that you can be registered with a registration body. The standards are very similar to spoken language interpreters, the education can be obtained at university or at vocational level. Currently there are 1000 interpreters registered. If you are in training you can also be registered. But registration is not a requirement, so you can work as an interpreter without being registered.

ASLI is seperate from the registration body. We offer for example mentoring services, and represent the interpreters at governmental level. There is no language policy, but it goes through a disability act.

Recently the UK have improved the situation for deaf interpreters, such as training and registration. We also have continuing education as one of the requirements for all the interpreters.

One of the challenges is that educational programmes are closing, but we feel confident that we can make change happen.

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