Saturday, 16 July 2011

Madagascar country report

In Madagascar we have 20 million inhabitants. The deaf association (FMM) has 13 deaf clubs. There are 2500 deaf sign language users and 8 schools for the deaf.  We have Malagasy Sign Langauge and the spoken language is Malagasy and French for administrative work.

In 1998 we only had 5 interpreters. From 2007 till 2009 two groups of sign language interpreters were trained (13+6). In 2010 he association of sign language interpreters was established.

Achievements since 2007:
  • Increase of interpreters from 5 to 33
  • Establishment of the association: FMTTM
  • TV news interpreting
The ITT project under the umbrella of the federation of the deaf they organised a training. The certificate is awarded by the federation of the deaf and the university.

There are several challenges we are still faced with such as setting up an agency for interpreters.

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