Saturday, 16 July 2011

Brasil country report

I will represent on behalf of FEBRAPILS, the Brazilian Federation of Sign Language Interpreters.

We have approx. 191 million people, of which approx. 1.5% people are deaf. Brazilian Sign Language was recognised in 2002 and the profession of sign language interpreter in 2010.

There are two events that are always interpreted: events and tv news programme.

The interpreter certification takes place annually. The courses are taught at a higher level by private and governmental institutions. The courses are offered in 15 states and the courses are free and provided by the ministry of Education.There are currently 500 students enrolled. 

There are three interpreter centers. There is MA degree and PhD level for interpreting students. There are 18 regional interpreter association and 1 national association.

The second South American meeting of sign language interpreters will take place in July 2013 in Sao Paulo.

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