Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tanzania country report

There are approx. 40 million people of which are 1.2 million deaf people. There are 4 qualified court interpreters and 30 for the community.

There is an interpreter association (TASLI) that is working well, as well at national as at regional level. We have no formal training, only through the deaf organisation. That give a 6 week course. 

In 2007 the first meeting of the association took place. We set up the statutes and an action plan. In 2008 funding from a local organisation and we had an upgrading course for 15 interpreters. In 2010 a training for capacity building strategies.

We have an office paid through the membership fees. In addition, we have a payment system. We have a strategy development plan and we aim to advocate and lobby. We also have training at university level.

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