Friday, 15 July 2011

Spain country report

In Spain there are 150.000 signing deaf people according to the national deaf association. The number of qualified interpreters is 5000 and there are training courses running in about 50 centres. But in fact there are around 750 - 1000 interpreters actually working.

There is a two year vocational training course and the interpreters are working in a variety of settings. The main problem are the working conditions: unsufficient pay and no steady contracts.

The deaf association is very active and very well organised. FILSE has a good cooperation with the national deaf association.

There is media level of services, not so much services in sign language interpreting or in subtitling. Even though
the law in 2007 was passed to recognise sign language, not much has really changed.

The general population is becoming more aware though of sign language interpreting, especially in the media.

The main challenges are to improve the working conditions, such as decent pay, and the transition from a vocational to a university training programme.

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