Friday, 15 July 2011

Hong Kong country report

The Hong Kong country report is presented by one of the deaf interpreters from Hong Kong.

The interpreter association was established 2 years ago in 2009. We work together with the deaf association in Hong Kong and we have now 4 centres.

In June 2010 we had discussions on how to recognise sign language and how to formalise interpreter training. After that discussion a DVD was produced, which explained the different legal regulations and how to get interpreting services or other services.

The government with the deaf association and deaf people discusses how to recognise sign language within education. We previously had four schools of the deaf in Hong Kong, but have closed due to mainstreaming of deaf children in hearing schools.

In June of this year, the WFD president, came to Hong Kong and explained the importance of education in sign language to deaf children.

Our organisation just had their first general meeting and seminar.

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